LinuC Level 1



Exam 101 Topics(Version 10.0)

Topics Objectives
Topic 1.01:Linux Installation, Virtual Machine and Container Usage
  • 1.01.1Install, boot, connect, disconnect and stop Linux
  • 1.01.2Concept and use of virtual machine and container
  • 1.01.3Boot process and systemd
  • 1.01.4Create, monitor and terminate process
  • 1.01.5Use desktop environment
Topic 1.02:File / Directory Manipulation and Management
  • 1.02.1File owners and permissions
  • 1.02.2Perform basic file management
  • 1.02.3Hard and symbolic links
  • 1.02.4File placement and search
Topic 1.03:GNU and Unix commands
  • 1.03.1Command line operations
  • 1.03.2Process text stream with filters
  • 1.03.3Use streams, pipes and redirects
  • 1.03.4Search text files using regular expressions
  • 1.03.5Perform basic file edits using an editor
Topic 1.04:Repository and Package Management
  • 1.04.1Package management by apt command
  • 1.04.2Debian package management
  • 1.04.3Package management by yum command
  • 1.04.4RPM package management
Topic 1.05:Hardware, Disk, Partition and Filesystem
  • 1.05.1Basic knowledge and setting of hardware
  • 1.05.2Hard disk layout and partitions
  • 1.05.3Create, manage and mount filesystems

Exam 102 Topics(Version 10.0)

Topics Objectives
Topic 1.06:Shell and Script
  • 106.1Customize the shell environment
  • 106.2Shell script
Topic 1.07:Network Fundamentals
  • 1.07.1Internet protocol fundamentals
  • 1.07.2Basic network configuration
  • 1.07.3Solving basic network problems
  • 1.07.4Client side DNS settings
Topic 1.08:System Management
  • 1.08.1Account management
  • 1.08.2Job scheduling
  • 1.08.3Localization and internationalization
Topic 1.09:Essential System Services
  • 1.09.1Fundamentals of internet protocolsSystem time management
  • 1.09.2System log
  • 1.09.3Mail Delivery Agent (MTA) basics
Topic 1.10:Security
  • 1.10.1Implement security management work
  • 1.10.2Host security settings
  • 1.10.3Protect data with encryption
Topic 1.11:Open Source Culture
  • 1.11.1Open source concepts and licenses
  • 1.11.2Open source communities and ecosystems
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