LinuC Level 1



Exam 101 Topics

Topics Objectives
Topic 101:System Architecture
  • 101.1Determine and configure hardware settings
  • 101.2Boot the system
  • 101.3Change runlevels and boot target, and shutdown or reboot system
Topic 102:Linux Installation and Package Management
  • 102.1Design hard disk layout
  • 102.2Install a boot manager
  • 102.3Manage shared libraries
  • 102.4Use Debian package management
  • 102.5Use RPM and YUM package management
Topic 103:GNU and Unix commands
  • 103.1Working with command lines
  • 103.2Process text streams using filters
  • 103.3Perform basic file management
  • 103.4Use streams, pipes, and redirects
  • 103.5Create, monitor, and kill processes
  • 103.6Modify process execution priorities
  • 103.7Search text files using regular expressions
  • 103.8Perform basic file editing operations using vi
Topic 104:Devices, Linux Filesystem, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • 104.1Create partitions and filesystems
  • 104.2Maintain the integrity of filesystems
  • 104.3Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
  • 104.4Manage disk quotas
  • 104.5Manage file permissions and ownership
  • 104.6Create and change hard & symbolic links
  • 104.7Find system files and place files in the correct locations

Exam 102 Topics

Topics Objectives
Topic 105:Shell, Script and Data Management
  • 105.1Customize and use the shell environment
  • 105.2Customize or write simple scripts
  • 105.3SQL data management
Topic 106:User Interface and Desktop
  • 106.1Install and configure X11
  • 106.2Display manager setting
  • 106.3Accessibility
Topic 107:Management Tasks
  • 107.1Manage user and group accounts and related system files
  • 107.2Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs
  • 107.3Localization and internationalization
Topic 108:Essential System Services
  • 108.1Maintain system time
  • 108.2System log
  • 108.3Basics of Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • 108.4Manage printers and printing
Topic 109:Networking Fundamentals
  • 109.1Fundamentals of internet protocols
  • 109.2Basic network configuration
  • 109.3Basic network troubleshooting
  • 109.4Configure client side DNS
Topic 110:Security
  • 110.1Perform security administration tasks
  • 110.2Security settings of host
  • 110.3Securing data with encryption
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