LinuC Level 2



Exam 201 Topics(Version 10.0)

Topics Objectives
Topic 2.01:System Boot and Linux Kernel
  • 2.01.1Boot process and GRUB
  • 2.01.2System boot customization
  • 2.01.3Linux kernel components
  • 2.01.4Compiling the Linux kernel
  • 2.01.5Management and troubleshooting during kernel execution
Topic 2.02:Filesystem and Storage Management
  • 2.02.1Filesystem setup and mount
  • 2.02.2Filesystem management
  • 2.02.3Logical Volume Manager configuration and management
Topic 2.03:Network Configuration
  • 2.03.1Basic network configuration
  • 2.03.2Advanced network configuration
  • 2.03.3Network problem solving
Topic 2.04:System Maintenance and Operations Management
  • 2.04.1Build and install from source code by make
  • 2.04.2Backup and restore
  • 2.04.3Notification to users
  • 2.04.4Understand resource usage status
  • 2.04.5Alive monitoring, resource monitoring, operation monitoring tool
  • 2.04.6System configuration tool
Topic 2.05:Virtual Machine
  • 2.05.1Mechanism of virtual machines and KVM
  • 2.05.2Virtual machine creation and management
Topic 2.06:Container
  • 2.06.1Container mechanism
  • 2.06.2Docker container and container image management

Exam 202 Topics(Version 10.0)

Topics Objectives
Topic 2.07:Network client management
  • 2.07.1DHCP server configuration and management
  • 2.07.2PAM authentication
  • 2.07.3How to use LDAP client
  • 2.07.4OpenLDAP server settings
Topic 2.08:Domain Name Server
  • 2.08.1BIND configuration and management
  • 2.08.2Management of zone information
  • 2.08.3Realization of secure DNS server
Topic 2.09:HTTP Server and Proxy Server
  • 2.09.1Apache HTTP server configuration and management
  • 2.09.2OpenSSL and HTTPS settings
  • 2.09.3Nginx configuration and management
  • 2.09.4Squid configuration and management
Topic 2.10:E-Mail Services
  • 2.10.1Postfix configuration and management
  • 2.10.2Dovecot settings and management
Topic 2.11:File Sharing Services
  • 2.11.1Samba configuration and management
  • 2.11.2NFS server configuration and management
Topic 2.12:System Security
  • 2.12.1Packet filtering with iptables and firewalld
  • 2.12.2OpenSSH server configuration and management
  • 2.12.3OpenVPN configuration and management
  • 2.12.4Security work
Topic 2.13:System Architecture
  • 2.13.1Realization method of high availability system
  • 2.13.2Ensure capacity planning and scalability
  • 2.13.3System configuration on cloud services
  • 2.13.4Typical system architecture
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