LinuC Level 3 304Virtualization & High Availability


Overview of LinuC Level 3 Exam 304

LinuC Level 3 certifies competency in enterprise-level technical work. LinuC Level 3 Exam 304 Virtualization & High Availability requires candidates to demonstrate top-level technical Linux professional skills covering the following enterprise-level large-scale Linux system construction and consulting tasks.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of virtualization concept and technology and prove competency in construction and operation of virtual systems using Linux/OSS.
  • Prove competency in construction and operation of high-availability technologies using Linux/OSS including load balancing, cluster management and cluster storage.

LinuC Level 3 Exam 304 Virtualization & High Availability certified professionals have proven their skills as advanced engineers who are knowledgeable about virtual and high-availability technologies for Linux/OSS and can construct and operate virtual and highly reliable systems.

Exam Overview
Exam Prerequisites Neither work experience nor qualifications are required for taking this exam, but candidates must have a current valid LinuC Level 2 certification for the Level 3 certificate acquisition. (Learn more about the certification validity period.) It is possible to take this Level 3 exam without prior certification. (Level 3 certification is only awarded after Level 2 certification is completed.)
Exam Fees

Each exam costs ¥16,500 (JPY/in Japan, including TAX) / $150 (USD/outside of Japan, without TAX).

Exam Procedure

All exams are administered as computer-based tests (CBT). Most questions only require a mouse to select an answer, but there are also some questions that require keyboard input. There is no practical exam or interview portion.

※ Learn more about CBT from the test distribution company (test center), Pearson VUE.

Exam Length Approx. 60 questions
Exam Time 90 minutes (※)
※ 5 minutes are included to answer a simple survey after exam completion. The total time allowed for answering exam questions is 85 minutes.
Date/Location Candidates may select their preferred date, time and location.
Certification Requirements

Candidates require passing grades in any one of Exam 300, Exam 303, or Exam 304, and to have an active LinuC Level2 certification to receive LinuC Level3 certification.


Pass/fail status will be revealed immediately after exam completion.

Average Study Time Most candidates require 6-12months of study to pass these exams.
After Passing the Exams
Certification Document Certificate should arrive 3-5 weeks after exam is completed.
※ Please contact LPI-Japan if you do not receive your certificate after 6 weeks.
Valid Professional Titles LinuC-3 304 Virtualization &High Availability Certified Professional
LinuC Level3 304 Virtualization &High Availability Certified Professional
LinuC-3 304 Virtualization &High Availability Certified
LinuC Level3 304 Virtualization &High Availability Certified
LinuC-3 Virtualization &High Availability
Official Logo Certified individuals are authorized to include the logo and/or professional title on their business cards.
Before Taking the Exams
Exam Validity Period Lifetime
Recertification policy Certification does not expire, but qualification is subject to a period of validity. To extend the period of validity, candidates must recertify within 5 years of previous certification date OR pass certification of a higher level exam within 5 years.
Please see Recertification policy for more details.
Retake Policy This LinuC retake policy is only applicable to candidates who failed previous exams. Re-examination for previous passing grades is not affected by this policy.
If you fail your 1st exam attempt, you may take the same exam a 2nd time after a mandatory 7-day waiting period (including Saturdays and Sundays).
Please check the Retake Policy before you apply.
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